Covered by insurance, in-home ABA therapy is provided to children with Autism. Prior to the onset of services, an assessment is conducted with the BCBA (behavior analyst), parents, and client, to discuss treatment goals and desired outcomes.

Many of the areas to expand upon in home include:

  • Increasing independence – functional living skills (brushing teeth, toileting)
  • Communication skills – (exchanges with a partner, communicating needs)
  • Social skills – interacting with others (game play, waiting for turns)
  • Vocational skills (preparing for job interviews, safety in the community/work site)
  • Safety at home and in the community
  • Leisure skills (playing with items found at home, playing with siblings)
  • On task behavior (attending to task)
  • Awareness of others and joint attention (increasing awareness of those around you)

…and much, much more!

Once we make a plan, our trained technician will assist you in implementing these goals in home. This may take a variety of forms, including:

  • Discrete trial pre-teaching of skills
  • Naturalistic teaching (during play, group, etc.)
  • Reinforcement strategies, focusing on behaviors for increase
  • Social skills curriculums/rehearsal and feedback

The BCBA assigned will supervise the programming, collaborate with the technician and the family, to ensure that we are moving in the right direction! This is a team approach, with the parents and client at the wheel, and the BCBA and technician helping us steer. The most important part is that we are learning, and that we are having FUN while doing it!