Admissions Process

Kids working with staffOur team is here to answer any of your questions you may have about starting your autism journey.  We are here to help you navigate what to do after a diagnosis and help you create a plan for the next steps.

First, we talk: We want to learn more about your loved one with autism, their diagnosis and your family. We will need your insurance information and diagnosis from the Dr.

Then, we answer your questions: You’ve done your part: read all the brochures, looked up information on the internet, talked with others, but we want to answer questions you have that are specific to you and your loved one.  We will review your insurance coverage so that you know what to expect.  We will answer your questions about what ABA services look like and what to expect.  We want to know what your goals are for your child and how we can best support you and your family.

When you’re ready we start the assessment process: Our intake team will meet with you and your loved one to conduct an appropriate assessment based on the information that you have provided.  (Language based skills assessment, functional life skills, behavior assessment, or social assessment) This will consist of direct work with the individual with autism and with the caregivers that are important in their life.

Next, we create a plan: After the assessment is complete, our team will develop a treatment plan that incorporates the results of the assessment and your goals for your loved one.  This is written by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and is then sent to your insurance company for review.

Finally, we start: Your team will consist of a case manager (BCBA) and behavior technicians.  The Case manager will be your go to contact for everything related to services for your child. They can answer questions about progress and difficulties that you may be experiencing.  They will provide the training to the behavior technicians that will be implementing the plan and directly teaching your child for every session.