Admissions Process

Based on the services being provided, the admissions process can look slightly different. It is important to know what is available to you as the client.

resized_20160817_105754-1In-Home Services

For an individual seeking in-home services, we urge you to call Bloom Behavior and Consulting Services, LLC to see how we can best assist you.  For the majority of cases, we will be able to assist you through your insurance.  This means that through many insurance policies, ABA in-home services are covered, and our admissions process will begin with reviewing your insurance plan with you.  To do so:

  • You would send us a copy of your insurance card and client’s diagnosis
  • From that point on, it is our job to discuss coverage with the insurance company and the individual

It is typically a very smooth, quick process, where we can begin services rather quickly after receiving the necessary documents.  We are in network with multiple insurances, as we aim to best serve your needs.

If you do not intend to receive services through insurance, we would discuss a matter of best meeting your needs financially.

Supervision Services

For an individual seeking supervision services, contact us at 860-333-5183 or at  Once you have contacted us, we will schedule an initial meeting to discuss your current coursework with you, including where you are in the BACB task list, and what your goals are.  We would then pair you with the best fit of BCBA available, and review with you our supervision curriculum and more.  There are options for both individual and group supervision available.


For those looking to become a Registered Behavior Technician, contact us at 860-333-5183 or at info@bloombcs.orgm.  We are happy to review our curriculum with you, as well as the on-site training and standards we uphold for all RBTs.