Coronavirus Information

COVID-19 Response

Bloom BCS continues to monitor federal and state mandated health and safety guidelines. In order to comply with these guidelines we have closed on site, group-based services. We will continue to evaluate each type of service performance on a case by case basis and determine our ability to safely operate.

However, based on our families’ medical needs and current guidance that essential health services should continue to be provided, we plan to continue to deliver services in a streamlined way, via multiple modalities, to continue implementation of effective ABA treatment.

Bloom BCS knows that ABA treatment is critical to your family’s health. Thus, we continue to work with all of you to modify schedules to best meet your needs, maintain safety and skill sets of our families, and keep everyone as safe as possible during these times.

Please continue to monitor your own health – if you identify any symptoms, reach out and cancel your scheduled sessions. Bloom BCS has asked all staff to follow CDC guidelines in allowing the continuation of services, and services will be altered in a way that best suites the family, should either a staff member or family member experience any contact of symptoms as suggested by the CDC. All protocols suggested are being followed, please keep open communication with us regarding your health and questions you have.

As you know, we have implemented stringent hygiene requirements and are being appropriately cautious with families and staff. We will continue to follow additional measures implemented during this time to keep everyone as healthy and safe as possible.

If you or a loved one is having difficulty during this time, or there are additional questions regarding these recommendations, please reach out to us at